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The Keys to Luxury Gifting

Updated: Feb 8

Allow yourself to step into a luxury gifting experience like no other.

At Luxe Key Elements, we believe in creating meaningful and exquisitely refined gifts with our luxury keys and accessories. We would like you know our luxury keys, are not just jewelry keys! Believe it or not, they are real house keys. We offer our luxurious keys in precious metal and stones. We cast our unique keys and accessories in sterling silver, 14k or 18k white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold and platinum, with some of our most precious keys and accessories being set with diamonds and gemstones.

Women unlocking door with a luxury key
Gold Luxury Key turning in door lock

This decisively makes our unique keys so much more than ordinary keys which are not comparable to other jewelry keys. Especially when a person realizes their key really does unlock their door too!

Our luxury gift giving is all about that deeper emotional connection between the luxury gift giver and their refined giftee, ensuring that special moment is personal, and magical. We feel our sublime keys speak to that special person’s heart, while deeply embedding your giftee’s senses with the feeling of magical keys.

We love creating our keys and accessories,

which are meant for those special gifting moments for individuals and ensure the highest quality of our real jewelry house keys.

Being that our keys are also perfect for gift giving to special clients, we also thoroughly enjoy working with high-end companies, such as architectural firms, interior designers, luxury home developers, luxury hospitality and other high-level professionals.

Since we believe in luxury gifting as being essential for our customers, we offer our collection of unique handcrafted keys and accessories which can be customized with

bespoke messages or monograms. It’s easy for us to offer personal message keys as bespoke gifts. We do this by elegantly attaching a bespoke charm to a luxe key, or combining one of our beautiful designer keychains with a special message charm, creating the most ultimate perfect gift for that special someone.

Special message key for gifting
Hammered 14gold message key on handbag

Or you may wish to indulge in our “Custom Design Studio” services, allowing you the

opportunity to commission us to create a truly individual design. If you find our keys perfect for gifting, or simply want to indulge in your very own personal key and accessory by adding one of your favorite and special bespoke items to your luxury holiday wish list, we want to ensure that you have a pleasant and exceptional experience when ordering a luxe key and, or accessory for you or your giftee.

If you have a special request, it will be our pleasure to assist you.

We love creating the perfect gift and make our luxury keys and accessories easy to order for the holidays.

Note: On our website: Check under sterling silver keys pages, and there you will find some of our most loved keys that are available to gift and can be shipped asap!

When your giftee receives their luxe key in our beautiful gift box, there will be information with details of your precious metals and stones. Also included are instructions on how and where to send their key to us, allowing us to match their

key to fit their lock. We offer this service complementary, ensuring our customer’s keys will not be damaged in any way.

It is our pleasure to share our luxury keys and accessories with you. Please visit us at:

Or please call us at 949- 310-7586

Gift box with greek key with diamonds
Luxe key Elements gift box

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