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Our keys were created and developed by our concept and vision that ordinary keys could be luxurious keys. With only a glimmer in our mind’s eye and a quest to create the most sublime of personal luxuries, our inspired keys are now elegantly unlocking doors in style.

Our collections of unique keys and accessories can be customized in a variety of precious metals and, or stones through our Custom Design Service which can allow you the  opportunity to have us create your own truly individual design.

We are able to customize our keys to work with many different locks, in many different countries, including, USA, Canada, Dubai, Great Brittian and other European countries.

The manufacture in located in Italy. 86100-Campobasso (CB)

P.IVA 01508390703

Our Luxury Keys are created with the highest quality, from the meticulous design process to the talented hands of our artisans who craft our exceptional keys and accessories.

Our unique brand of luxury keys and accessories is the only company in this class, making us the sole creator of real luxury keys in the market, worldwide.

Luxe Key Elements is the only creator of real Luxury Keys in the market worldwide, for which we hold a revered patent and Trademark,

unlocking the future of what we believe real luxury keys should be.

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